HALE MRI Precision Propeller Repair & Sales ~ Serving Boat Owners for Over 70 Years!

For the greatest assurance in precision prop repair and service, our experienced professionals are trained to use Hale MRI technology. We work hard to ensure that your prop is returned to maximum strength and performance through proper and progressive restoration methods.

Sante Marine takes pride in providing you fast, top quality service.

Hale MRI: Advanced Technology Electronic
3D Propeller Inspection & Analysis System

Hale MRI Propeller Repairs

Why select a HALE MRI Propeller Repair Shop?

  • Trained MRI shops are staffed by propeller repair professionals, with years of experience and repair skills.
  • The  Hale MRI is an precision instrument that gives the shop accurate information to enhance their repair capability.
  • Repair with MRI creates a detailed report of propeller condition. Both the shop and the boat owner have a clear reference for  the future.
  • Once desired performance is obtained, future repair or manufacture can match & restore your prop according to the individual MRI file.
  • Is your propeller custom designed? The precision MRI system is necessary to fully integrate sophisticated design and permit correct repair. The MRI system can recognize and apply original design data supplied by the propeller manufacturer. The  Hale MRI can also interpret the original inspection reports typically supplied with full custom propellers.
  • On both custom and standard series propellers, the MRI provides information from which the propeller shop and customer can address performance issues. Properly restored or corrected propellers can.