We take pride in providing a full array of marine services custom shafting, shaft straightening, rudder & strut repair and prop hub installs. Please feel free to call us at 216-771-7767 with any questions or contact us for a free quote!

Pitch Alterations

Propellers made from aluminum, stainless steel, nibral and bronze can be repitched. Propeller pitch can be changed to a higher pitch (up) or a lower pitch by up to TWO degrees. Each 2° degree change in pitch represents approximately 300-400 RPM difference. Cupping the trailing edge on a propeller can also affect RPM – no cup to heavy cup can change the RPM’s by as much as 200 RPM.

Call for pricing and turn around times….

Breakage may occur during Hub Replacement and Pitch Alteration;
each procedure is done at owner’s risk.

Shafting & Shaft Straightening


Sante Marine Propeller offers the finest precision CNC machined and straightened shafting available in the industry. Aquamet Stainless Steel shafting material is stocked for quick turn around in popular sizes up to 4″ diameter. Call for pricing and turn around times…

Shaft Straightening
Up to 1.25″ diameter

$2.21 per Inch
$245.70 Minimum Charge

Shaft Straightening
1.5″ diameter & larger

$3.70 per Inch
$271.70 Minimum Charge

Rudder & Strut Repairs

Call us at 216-771-7767 for pricing & turn around times.

All repair work is pre-paid in full at time of drop off. Prices do not include applicable taxes.