BAJIO Bales Beach Polarized Sunglasses


We have all felt the weight of our shades after a full day of fishing. That’s why Bajío goes to great lengths to design each and every pair of our sunglasses to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible.

It’s a long and tedious process—but worth every effort at the end of the day. We sketch out designs by hand, do 3D CAD modeling, and make prototypes. Tons and tons of prototypes. Then we test hundreds of styles on hundreds of people out in the field. Non-stop.

Only once it’s unanimous—meaning a particular model has been determined an overall favorite by the most testers in terms of fit, fashion, weight, comfort and curvature—does it make the cut.

Bajio Fishing Glasses at Sante Marine

We’ve had reports of anglers that forget they are wearing our sunglasses because they are so lightweight. We’ve also heard a few tales of people thinking they lost them only to realize they are still on their heads but were so lightweight they don’t notice them.

We figure, as long as they find them eventually, it’s a good problem to have.

With 12 frame styles to choose from (plus 2 lens materials and 6 lens color/tint options), some glasses are built to be more flexible, others more fashionable. With our vast industry experience, we know what’s worked in the past, we design any issues out of our line, and constantly search for ways to improve and evolve.

We are passionate about what we do and don’t sleep until we get it right. The result is the lightest weight and most comfortable shades anywhere on or off the water. The first time you wear your Bajio sunglasses – you’ll see for yourself.