Boat Docking Tool

Landing Loop: A Revolutionary Boat Docking Tool

A boat docking tool that helps say goodbye to the banged up knees, twisted ankles, broken arms and costly repairs that can happen while docking a boat. The Landing Loop™ can provide assistance by extending a docking line to a cleat or piling without requiring you to jump off your boat. With an 11 foot reach, the Landing Loop™ will become your favorite docking tool.

—- Just reach for your Landing Loop —-

Landing Loop

  1. Use the Landing Loop…on any size or type of boat.
  2. Landing Loop is light weight, simple to use & has no moving parts.
  3. Use it with 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch or 3/4-inch, 25-35 foot docking line.
  4. Use it whenever there is no one on the dock to assist you in docking.
  5. Tie-up to a Cleat, Piling, Post, a Barge, or another boat.
  6. Complete DVD instructions included in package.
  7. Detachable head for easy storage.
  8. Collapsed length of pole is 45 inches – extends to approx. 11-feet

Landing Loop Boat Docking Assistant

Sale Price: $69.95
(Regular Price: $79.95)

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Never jump off your boat or try to lasso a cleat,
piling, or pole again while docking any boat.